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 Why we love what we do

Tasty Artistry came to pass as Tangela was determined to work doing what she loves. After discussing the frustrations of not using her creative abilities, her family encouraged her to share her talents with the world. In doing so, Tangela started small. She started making random hand-painted items for family and friends for graduation, birthdays, and other occasions.  Giving them away as gifts she soon realized that her work was of great quality and valued as some of life's most cherishable items to their owners. In finding this out, she created Tasty Artistry, LLC. All items sold are hand-painted and/or handmade and made to order. Currently Tasty Artistry is providing custom t-shirts, tumblers, coffee mugs, hats and more.


 At Tasty Artistry we take pride in supplying the customer with what they need, how they need it. 

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